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Be innovative in your approach, this is what I heard from my first Boss, who taught me that getting the work done is not important, but how you gets the work done is important.

Likewise, in procurement, there is always focus on meeting the budget and delivery timelines, but how you have achieved both these important areas is always a matter of concern. Top management of organisation has always thought of negotiation in terms of cost saved by the procurement person incharge. Procurement Savings is not via cost savings during the contract negotiations, there are many ways you can negotiate your contracts well, for example if you are hiring a crane on rental, it is not the rental you negotiate, you could also negotiate to use the crane for other purpose also which may be use to shift the material inside the plant and not just installation of machinery.

So, look for the areas which you can negotiate and not just the cost. Get more things complementary within the same budget. This approach always lead to better negotiated contracts and more better performing procurement organisation.

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