Project Procurement

From selecting a supplier to performance evaluations during the project—project procurement is all about building relationships. My book explores the procurement skills you’ll need to build successful relationships with vendors and suppliers and make a career in buying.  Project Management Institute, Project Management Institute India Find it here: FIND HERE

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Healthy Eyes

This episode will recite a small story about how our visions decide whether something is good or bad. Stay positive stay healthy. — Send in a voice message:

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The Toxic Salesman

The counter productive employees of the organisation must be identified. This episode will quote specific people within the organisation, who are toxic to the organisation and to the complete environment. — Send in a voice message:

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Wake up Humans !

Tough Time will pass soon, if we act like humans  The time is not the same as it used. Sometime ago birds, animals and nature were dependent on human race. Why? It was only humans who were controlling, if there should be less pollution or not, or which animals humans want to save,…

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Don’t Let others pass their monkey on your Back in Project Execution

When project in full swing mode and more often people found running to manage the unmanageable taks which may include but not limited to manpower, materials and machinery. Project often complains that engineering is not complete or whatever has been done is not meeting project requirements or materials purchase not complete, so supply…

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