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Project Procurement : A real world Procurement guide to Procurement Skills provide insight into the procurement community across sectors and across globe. Here, the author covers the most widely used techniques and methods for supplier management, including supplier qualification and selection, supplier development, and supplier performance evaluation during different project stages- topics that have rarely been discussed in the procurement community. 


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The Real-World Guide is a good basic procurement book that enhances procurement understanding for those who have no background or expertise in procurement but work with procurement professionals in project management. It provides an especially solid foundation for discussions on supplier management, applicable contracts, and negotiations.

It also strongly justifies the integration of personnel from various functional areas such as procurement, financial analysis, and risk management from the project design stage.


Cassandra de Souza
Maryland, USA

Project Manager, Maryland, USA

I believe anyone who currently works in procurement as well as those looking to gain a deeper knowledge of procurement in general would find this book incredibly useful.

Also, newly certified PMPs could utilise this book for it quick reference potential and knowledge gain.

This book is well written and I highly recommend it for the bookshelf of any PMP or aspiring PMP.

The author is insightful and the cited real-world examples are relatable, notable and provide guidance capable of fitting most scenarios.


Juan J. Martinez, PMP

Project Manager, North Texas, USA

This book can be read by the seasoned Procurement professional and the project manager who has significant experience in project procurement. However, the primary audience for this book is a project manager who is new to the procurement space and who is looking for a quick, easy-to-read introduction to project procurement.

I would suggest the reader use this book as a companion to a more detailed procurement textbook. Project procurement is an essential skill for successful project managers. “Project Procurement: A Real-World Guide for Procurement Skills” can be used as a resource to help understand and navigate the complexities of project procurement.


Heron Gonzalez, Jr.

Project Manager, Texas, USA