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This is a website which my team keeps on updating whenever there is a new addition to writing assignments, speaking assignments or for anything else. Like, this website has the maximum information about me and which is at one place. As these days there is no single social media platform offer variety and each one of current social media options has become myopic with only single activity, I mean either they are professional, or social or just video sharing platforms. Therefore, www.ajaybhargove.com is my place and its about my things. 


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Ajay Bhargove (born 15 May 1981) is an Indian author and speaker. Bhargove graduated in electrical engineering at CRSCE Murthal. He started his career as an electrical engineering in the capital of India. He has written book on Project Procurement a non-fiction book. His first book, Project Procurement, was published in 2018. Ajay worked in organisation of repute, which includes global giants such as Tata Power, Siemens, Fluor, Schneider Electric and Toshiba.


” This is a place of my recent books, blogs, podcasts, videos & speaking events. So, keep checking as it will always have something new. The next time you visit, it will have something interesting for you.”


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