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The First Professional Desk Reference for Procurement Management

Project Procurement A Real World Guide to Procurement Skills



“Project Procurement” – A real world guide to Procurement Skills


Project Procurement: A Real-World Guide to Procurement Skills provides insight into the procurement community across sectors and across the globe. Here, the author covers the most widely used techniques and methods for supplier management, including supplier qualification and selection, supplier development, and supplier performance evaluation during different project stages–topics that have rarely been discussed in the procurement community, because they have traditionally been the area of expertise among financial experts. This book will take you through different types of contracts, their selection in particular scenarios, and illustrates them through real-life examples. Accessible and far-reaching in its grasp of various project procurement scenarios, this book is an indispensable reference for procurement professionals making a career in buying, from junior buyers up to the supply-chain heads of organizations.

Ajay Bhargove

/ Author

Project Procurement

, ,
Project Manager with a background in Procurement, this book elaborated more on the inner-working’s of Project Management Procurement. Writing the book, author, Ajay Bhargove had a balanced mix of PMBOK terminology and topic explanation beyond the terminology. The Real-World Guide is a good basic procurement book that enhances procurement understanding for those who have no […]

Experience First Pages

If you are a beginner in supply chain management or buying,
then you will find this chapter an important building block for
understanding the rest of the chapters of this book; experienced
procurement professionals will find this chapter to be a refresher
of knowledge previously gained.
This chapter covers the following topics:
• Definitions
• Project Stages
• Procurement Life Cycle and Importance in Project
• Types of Procurement
• Budgets and Reserves

Figure 2.1 depicts the complete life cycle of supplier management,

which starts from supplier identification. Once the supplier is se-
lected, they will be qualified and subsequently evaluated during

the complete life cycle phases of the project, which are, in general,
classified as pre-award, execution, and warranty phase (closing).
Once the supplier has been evaluated for all the phases of the
project life cycle, they can be classified as the preferred supplier,

or categorized based on the organization’s methodology of clas-
sifying suppliers.

3.3.1 Single-Part Bidding
Single-part bidding is a way to invite all the details into a single
techno-commercial offer, which may involve a technical offer as
well as a commercial offer. This kind of bidding is practiced to

reduce the procurement cycle time and is generally used for re-
quirements with fewer technicalities.


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Project Procurement - A real world guide to Procurement Skills