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We all forget in the process the STANDARD (which must be maintained), how we want to earn the money, how we want to build ever lasting Bottom line or the Order Backlog. Similarly, We all want to attain / acquire as much as money that nobody ever have dreamt off. Right? Earning is important as it is part of your Karma and it will has to be achieved but the building the credibility at the same time is more important. Let us understand this with the help of an example, Suppose you are going to market each day for buying groceries and you have a big market at the downtown, which means you have many choices, you can buy the cheapest by leveraging the gap in Demand and Supply, but which grocery store you would like to visit. You’re options are as below :

  • The Sweet talking Grocery Store Owner and always ready to negotiate
  • The Grocery Store, which has fix prices (So, no negotiation)
  • The Grocery Store which treat its customer with honesty and has credibility, although Price may not be negotiable all the times.

If you have chosen option 1, you may want to visit for few days, until you realise that sometime only sweet talking doesn’t mean the honesty. You might be cheated while interacting with the Sweet talker always.

However, if you have chosen the Option 2, there is nothing mention of the Quality of Products you are going to buy ? Right? So, You might want to consider the option 2, when you are assured of good Quality of Products and also, the Grocery store might not be cheating the community with unnecessary high fixed price.

When we look at option 3, I feel enticed with the strategy, the Grocery Store owner want a Sale but not by cheating the community. How many of us, has experienced where some grocery store has advised you not to buy the COMB if you’re Bald, as this will not be useful? I mean has suggested not buy some product as that might not be useful to us. This is the best example of earning good Karma. He is accumulating the blessings of his customer, although earning at the same time. I would like to visit such a grocery store again and again, due to high Credibility and Honesty of the owner.

Similarly, Let us all get blessings of people by doing good to them, as these blessings will decide your fate. We all get depressed and ask our self – “Why this happened to me?”. The answer is simple we were so much focused maintaining the Sales Number, Order Booking, Reduced DSO, however we should not forget how we are earning the money in the process. Let’s not cheat while doing a Business, as it will come your way in some time soon, in good or bad, as that will depend on your KARMIC account Balance. So, Maintain a healthy Balance in your KARMIC account by accumulating the Blessings. Our INTENTIONS should be good overall and above all, while dealing with the Customer, Supplier or Friends or Family !!

Let me know in the comment section, if you would like to open a KARMIC account today, I will be ready for your help.

Thank You !

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