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We all know, that COVID 19 has been tough on mankind not on health but on economy as well. It can be understood as buffer between the old ways of working and new time ahead. Organisations not only are forced to look for reduction of manpower to curtail the higher costs, but this is also forcing many traditional organisation to come up with new ways of working. Organisation knows that situation will not improve easily in the near future and therefore they want to utilise this time to upgrade their ways of working, so that they can be sustain in time to come.

The current workforce is even more worried as many of them has to sacrifice their job during these testing times, as organisation has no other work but to focus on reducing the costs and improving on existing processes.

In my opinion, It is not only important for organisations to improve their existing century old processes but equally important for existing workforce to upgrade them with new skills sets. I am sure many of us are already working on how to improve ones skill sets in these tough time. Even if one can realise that the charm of MBA is not that brittle as it used to be 10 years ago, Universities are adding new skill sets such as Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management are most popular program of these times. This pandemic has challenged the Supply Chain Management profession so hard that it is going to be next decade most in-demand skill. American Universities has started facing heat because of their existing immigration laws, H1B Visa restriction and time it demand from individual for getting the Green Card.

So, I encourage people in mid age career to see how they can improve their existing skill set and can acquire new skill set. Jobs will not be like what these are used to be before COVID19, therefore we all need to take step forward for better professional life. Those who has a habit of continual improvement and self learning, I am sure that they must be feeling very relaxed even in these difficult times.

In case any of you need any advice on improving your existing skillset, I am happy to help. You can post your queries below :

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