IKAGAI, is the best book, I have come across after a long time. This book is not just about the japanese lifestyle but also about long life and purpose every Japanese has. IKAGAI literal meaning is “Purpose”.

The Popular author of “Monk who sold his Ferrari” has written a master piece in this text. This book covers the important and critical things, which should matter to one in life span. Often, People are worried about small and trivial issues in their life. People will often loose focus about purpose in their on life, people hesitate to ask questions, clarification as most of us worried about “what other will think of us”, if we ask few clarification.

This book will teach you by way of small lessons, how to live your life without much worry, as nothing is immortal. I would say, this is a lifestyle coaching text, which do not tell you what to do but imbibe things in your daily routine, if you follow each of the learnings given in the book. You will feel complete transformation after reading this book, if you also have similar issues or hesitation. This book will teach you, how not to worry about small things.

This is the first book, I read in my career, when I had issues in understanding few people. The whole text is about what kind of people you should worry about and what kind of discussions, you can leave. You also might have encountered few people who are so rigid about their belief system, and no logic will ever convince them. Shiv Khera has written this book meticulously and has taken several references from his struggle in American when he was washing the cars over there. So, if you are also finding issues in understanding people, then this is the right text for you. I would say this book is more about “Human Behaviour” and can be read by students of management or the Human Resources people. Good Read.

This book is my own book and this is very helpful for students of operation management and people who are starting their career as a buyer. When I started my career as a buyer, it took me long time to understand the end-to-end areas which a Procurement Engineer must know. I spend my 15 years in hardcore project engineering and purchasing activities to learn micro level aspects to how these micro aspects has tendency to create the bigger problems in the Project Lifecycle.

This book covers most of the aspects, which one should know to have a “ZERO DISPUTES”.

The magic of thinking Big will taught you about, what you should do, when you have a feeling that you are Mr. Nobody and everything in your life is so difficult. This book will give you insight, what is at stake if you change your thinking pattern from an introvert to extrovert. This is the right kind of text, one should handover to their teenagers kids, who are sounding frustrating or low on energy all the time.

I read this book, when I came to know that everything in our life is not easy, I was roaming around with the low energies. So, one day, I was very demotivated, so I visited the book shop and I searched the whole library, I saw many titles there but this sounded me the appropriate to me at that point of time.

Romancing with the Balance sheet is nicely written book, which will not give you the complete balance sheet insight but take you to the most important aspects, which as a share marketer or buyer or seller you should understand in your daily routine work. This book will tell you about many aspects especially the Financial ratios and the headings explanation on the balance sheet. Many of us might not be aware of “retained earnings”, this is covered very nicely by Mr. Lamba. You will understand why they are sitting on the Balance Sheets and What does these means ?

You will also come across other aspects, like how one should prepare the Balance Sheet if he is a lay-man. This book definitely covers a lot if you are just starting as a middle aged professional in your career timeline and getting ready for the senior positions down the line in your career. A quick read, where every small thing is explained meticulously that you will never forget about the concept.