Ajay Bhargove, B.Eng(Honors), PMP, PSM II, MSCM

Program Management | Supply Chain Management | Author

Ajay held a managerial position for Toshiba as IPO Business Manager until 2021. He was responsible for clients for their requirements especially related Domestic and International projects which includes Coal-Fired Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plants. Previously, he held the position of Senior Manager at a France-based Infrastructure firm, focused on power distribution services and was taking care of installed base in Asia-Pacific distribution markets. During his tenure, the Field Services team he was a member of had continuously aced the annual targets for three consecutive years. Ajay also worked as a Senior Executive in the Power Generation Sector division of Siemens AG & Markets covering Combined Cycle Power Projects across India and Singapore. Ajay also worked for the Public sector managing government clients’ requirements during his first job for Delhi Government and Tata Power Joint venture.

Ajay graduated in Electrical Engineering and pursuing Masters degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Toronto. He is PMP certified and holds Chartered Engineering from the Institution of Engineering.

Ajay is committed to understanding his clients and customising their project and service needs to achieve their goals.

Professional Journey

Manager – IPO Business | Jan’17 to Sep’21

Ajay was responsible for clients for their requirements especially related Domestic and International projects which includes Coal-Fired Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plants. Ajay acted as Single Window to clients across the globe for their products and services requirements. Ajay managed external and internal stakeholders for effective execution of program/projects. Ajay devised policies for the IPO Business including preparation of risk management procedures and Business manuals. Ajay also was designated Internal Auditor for ISO apart from his core responsibilities of program manager for procurement.


  • Establishing proper sourcing processes and controlling all procurement resources and activities and informing all involved in procurement to deliver optimum impact of cost-cutting potential (procurement plan, target-costing).
  • Proactive introduction of universal procurement strategies into the project process (e.g. pooling in the procurement network) to meet global procurement strategy targets and simultaneously to ensure maximum productivity and fulfilment of cost objectives.
  • Analysing scope of supply and customer contract agreements, carrying out risk analyses and introducing negotiation recommendations to prepare for negotiations with suppliers (back-to-back where appropriate) and to initiate appropriate measures.
  • If applicable analysing sales and operations planning in respect of starting / new projects, assessing and controlling of material costs within the whole project process in order to ensure the involvement of procurement.
  • Identifying particular risks, opportunities and market forces during the project to avoid potential damage / exploit potential opportunities through tailored risk and claim management (e.g. contractual framework).


  • Various Coal Fired Power Plant of Capacity ranging from 660 MW to 2000 MW for various Project location spread across India, Indonesia, Malaysia.


  1. Toshiba HQ
  2. Sales & Commercial, Key Contact : Chief Marketing officer
  3. Project Management, Key Contact : Project Director
  4. Quality, Key Contact : Head of Quality
  5. Engineering, Key Contact : Various Engg. teams & Heads
  6. Production Control, Key Contact
  7. Suppliers


Business Excellence Award


Ajay is a brilliant engineer in his work-area (project management, procurement engineering and related commercial issues, supply chain management etc.). I consider him one of the best engineers in Toshiba JSW with whom I worked. He bears excellent capability of detailing which is truly a strong foundation of error-less contract finalization and execution.

He has special interests on Quality Assurance too. He is an asset to the Organization where ever he is/ will be. I wish him further achievements.

P K Bandyopadhyay

Head – Proposal Engineering

I have worked with Ajay on few International Power Projects. His ability to resolve complex problems always kept him Unique among others.

His Patient and yet Persistent attitude towards life inspires me.

A forward thinking person who posesses all the leadership qualities one should have.

Highly Recommended!!

Amit Ahlawat

Specialist – Toshiba, Japan

Ajay San, as we dearly call him, can make the statement ” don’t judge a book by it’s cover” sound true .Living in a world of cut throat competition where one can find colleagues vying to get the bigger prize , rarely does one meet a procurement guy who can not only make procurement feel easy, but also give the so called project managers a run for their money. His ethics make him coveted and he would definitely add a lot of value to any company he walks into. It was a real pleasure to work with you, as the world is too small, will definitely bump into you again..

Vignesh Venkat

Project Manager

Head- Techno-Commercial | Feb’14 to Jan’17

Ajay’s role at Schneider Electric was to manage Techno-Commercial Group inside the Field Services Business Unit. This job requires solid Sales and Operations Planning abilities alongside Strong Inter-personnel Skills. This job require strong communication with Marketing and Tendering, Sales Management, Project Management, Finance, Logistics and Factories across India for successful administration of Order Management, Invoicing and Procurement work. The administration of Projects (Brownfield) and Retrofit Business was under his immediate obligation. Ajay dealt with a group of 10 (Direct and Indirect) reports spread across India for carrying the accomplishment to the job of Head-Techno-Commercial inside the Services Business Unit. Below are some of the key responsibilities of this role :


  • Conducting Supplier Performance Evaluations on Annual Basis.
  • Heading the Procurement team comprising of three Buyers for buying Engineered Items.
  • Leading commercial team of Seven professional for ensuring smooth and trouble free Revenue Generation.
  • Monitoring and Controlling the Procurement activities for Project and Product Business.
  • Preparing Contractual and Commercial Risk Mitigation and Risk Response Plan.
  • Process Improvements for continual improvement of organisation process & Procedures.
  • Responsible for revenue realisation, Gross Margin, Taxation and reduced DSO.
  • Responsible and accountable for handling Internal and External Audits.
  • Presentation to Vice President for Procurement and Execution Planning of Projects.


  • NTPC, Rihand, Role : Procurement & Commercial Head
  • SAP Bridge Implementation, Role : Domain Lead
  • Maruti Suzuki, India, Role : Procurement & Commercial Head
  • NDMC, New Delhi, Role : Procurement & Commercial Head
  • Retrofit and Revamp Project (Brownfield Project), Role : Procurement & Commercial Head


  1. Business Unit Management, Key Contact : Vice President (BU Head)
  2. Sales Management, Key Contact : Director Sales
  3. Marketing & Tendering, Key Contact : Diroctor, Marketing
  4. Execution Management, Key Contact : Director, Execution
  5. Regional Sales & Execution Managers
  6. Spares Team
  7. ETO Factory, Salt Lake Kolkatta, India
  8. Ecofit Factory, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  9. Project Management Team
  10. Logistics, Key Contact : VP, Logistics & team
  11. Finance, Key Contact : Head Finanace
  12. Suppliers/ Service Partners/ Channel Partners


4C Connect Award


Ajay is a high energy person who lifted the team with his positivity! He is very process focused, analytical & creative. Surely an asset to any team.

He has high potential and I wish him well for his future. God Bless!

Sudhir Puthran

Vice President, Global Field Services

Ajay is very sincere, hardworking, highly dedicated person and will be an asset to any organisation.

He is committed and meticulous in whatever task he has undertaken.

He is extremely good in analysing the problems and accordingly working for the solutions. I found him a fantastic team leader and hard negotiator.

Ravi Kumar

Sr. General Manager – Field Services

Ajay has outstanding Leadership and Managerial skills. His clarity of thoughts, ability to get to the core of the issue and roll up his sleeves when required, makes him an excellent team player. He is extremely focused, uses well chiseled clear and concise communication to relay the message. I found Ajay to be a mild mannered and disciplined professional. His biggest strength is positive attitude to take up challenges. He has a cheerful disposition and will be an asset to any company, he works with

Deepak Kumar

General Manager – Automation Solutions

Senior Executive – Supply Chain & Partner Mgt | Dec’10 to Oct’13

Ajay was part of Supply Chain and Partner Management (SPR) Department put inside the Siemens Power Engineering Limited, Gurgaon, India and his obligations included acquirement of Electromechanical Equipments for the Combined Cycle Power Plant in India and Overseas. Ajay additionally went about as Proposal Manager for 8*800 MW (6400 MW) Combined Cycle Power Plant and worked in Germany for showing up at the Project Proposal Costing prior to making a Bid to the Client. The success of this role was heavily dependent on the strong Communication between Siemens HQ at Germany, Siemens Limited India management, and the stakeholders which involved Project Directors, Engineering Managers, Functional Project Managers, Commercial Directors, Suppliers, and Contractors. Brief of Key responsibilities is bulleted below:


  • Procurement of Combined Cycle Power Plant Equipments
  • Preparation of RFQ Documents including GCC, SCC and TCC Conditions
  • Evaluation of Techno-Commercial Bids submitted by the Bidders.
  • Negotiation with Bidders for finalisation of shortlisting of prospective Supplier
  • Preparation of Management Approval Notes for issuing the Purchase Order
  • Reviewing the Change Order Requirements and Issuing Change Orders
  • Negotiations with Suppliers for Closure of Contract Orders.


  1. DGEN 1200 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. Client : Torrent Power Project Location : Dahej, Gujarat, INDIA
  2. UNOSUGEN 382.5 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant. Client : Torrent Power, Project Location : Surat, Gujarat, INDIA
  3. Tuaspring 411 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, Client : Hydrochem (S) Pte Ltd., Singapore


  1. Condensate Extraction Pumps
  2. Pressure Vessels
  3. Expat Contracting
  4. Erection and Commissioning of Electric Overhead Cranes
  5. Piping Package


  1. Lead Auditor OHSAS 18001:2007, Role : Participants
  2. Incoterms 2010, Role : Participation
  3. Incoterms 2010, Role : Presenter


  1. Siemens AG, Germany, Key Contact : HQ Management
  2. Engineering, Key Contact : Project Engineering Manager
  3. Project Management, Key Contact : Project Director
  4. Quality, Key Contact : Quality Manager
  5. Expediting, Key Contact : Expeditors
  6. Logistics, Key Contact : Logistic Manager
  7. Finance and Commercial, Key Contact : Commercial Director
  8. Legal
  9. Suppliers, Key Contact : Varied


Siemens Merit Reward
Siemens Innovation Award


He is distinctively self-confident which sets him apart from the rest. Problem-solving and negotiation is a key strength that Ajay has demonstrated consistently. His ability to break down complex issues and develop alternative solutions has proved to be extremely useful for the department. Great vendor-contractor communication and capacity to work under pressure and tight deadlines while maintaining the quality of his work are other key strengths. Ajay is an individual with sound professional ethics, openness to feedback, and diligence.

Ravinder Chopra

Head – Supply Chain & Partner Management

Have known Ajay since last 10 years. He comes across a person who is very diligent, meticulous and likes to take ownership of the work assigned to him. One of his biggest strengths is to remain calm and composed even in stressful situations. His positive and never say die attitude differentiates him from the others.

Tushar Agarwal

Business Development Manager – Siemens

Assistant Manager- Project Engg. & Contracts | Jul’05 to Aug’10

Ajay started his career with Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board) as Graduate Engineer Trainee. He worked for several prestigious projects for Joint Venture between Delhi Government and Tata Power. Ajay worked for commonwealth games project procurement and contracts activities, Electrical Distribution Network upgradation Projects and worked for Special Projects (which involved conversion of SPD Business)


  • Procurement of Electrical Substation Equipments for Network Upgradation Projects.
  • Prepare and Participate for Public Competitive Bidding Process.
  • Preparation of Instructions to Bidders, Qualifying Requirements and RFQ Documents
  • Negotiations with the Shortlisted Bidders and Finalisation of Contract Orders.
  • Reviewing the Change Order Requirements and Issuing Change Orders
  • Negotiations with Suppliers for Closure of Contract Orders.


  1. Network Up-Gradation Projects
  2. Commonwealth Games
  3. SPD to Franchise Projects
  4. Overhead to Underground
  5. Substation Equipments


  • Project Engineering & Contracts
  • EHV Execution Head
  • Suppliers
  • Corporate Communication
  • Finance Audit Team
  • Contractors
  • IT Team



A highly motivated, self driven & confident guy, who is ever filled with an unending vim in him. He had been at my niche neighbour workplace & I had observed him tackling and managing even tough issues so lucidly. He has clarity of thoughts & has a good convincing capabilities. Lastly the thing I liked most about him was that he had always been a good human. My best wishes shall remain with him forever. Would like to end this recommendation with a small but important statement “Keep laughing & believe in Him. He who does anything & everything does for the best, which is at times unknown to us.”

Sachin Kumar

Senior Contracts & Procurement Professional

Ajay gives his 100% in any task assigned to him. One of the best team players I have ever seen and ability to handle people of different levels is awesome.

One of the nicest person to work with and his ability to make the environment jolly is exemplary…. Will go places.

Tarun Kumar

AVP- Strategic Initiatives

Professional Qualification

  1. Masters
    Supply Chain Management Degree
  2. Graduate Ambassdor
    Guiding new potential students
  1. Bachelors
    Electrical Engineering with Honors
  2. Scholarship
    Recipient of University Sholorship for execellent Academic Records
  3. Student’s Co-ordinator
    Electrical Engineering Branch Co-ordinator

Professional Certifications


Quality Certification

ISO 9001:2015
OHSAS – 18001:2007

Supply Chain Management


PMI Recognition