Bid Support

2,000.00 1,250.00

Recently we were approached by many small enterprises and they wanted us to review the Bid Documents of the Customer and suggests our opinion about hidden contractual risks for them. If you are also a new startup and struggling for contractual issues like Bid terms and conditions, then we are here to help you.

Export Management Analytics


If you’re a prospective investor and looking for to select an International Market, where you want to take your product or services, then we are having the expertise in this area. Based on the facts and analytics we suggest you about the prospective market, the competition you will face and demand forecast about the product.

Our experts shall review the market and provide an in-depth report to you for further consideration. We know the world and make our clients aware of the market situation, compliances which needs to be followed and lot many things, which provide insights to you for fact based decision making. These services are available at very competitive rates and you will not have to regret after you invest.

Financial Risk Assesment

1,500.00 750.00

The organisation usually suffer from the poor financial health of the vendor, especially these issues pop up during the execution of the projects, so, in case you want to protect yourself from similar problem during the execution, it is always advisable to know the financial health of the organisation.

Our financial experts offer great service by doing the assessment of your suppliers at a cheaper prices, which will not only make you aware of the underlying risks but also suggest the corrective actions you can take before awarding the contract to your supplier.

So stay informed almost at a no cost.