This is small story about Ram and Shyam. The names sound familiar to you right? Yes, they are familiar to Indian, and it does not matter in which part of the world you live in. Ram was a small vegetable vendor who used to make his living by selling vegetables and for making his living he used to travel to fruit market every other day very early morning around 4 AM, When most of us trying to get sound sleep. One day, Ram went to collect the fruits and vegetable in the market early morning, and it is when Shyam met

Shyam was a fruit seller in the wholesale market and Ram used to visit him to meet his demand in the retail market.

On seeing Ram, Shyam said – ” How are you doing Ram?”, Ram replied ” I am doing very fine dear”, On which Shyam wittingly said to Ram, that “You must be doing great not just fine, as corona virus has become a big sales booster for essential item sellers”.

Ram again replied – “No Shyam, I am just doing fine, as I have started selling goods on rates lower than what I used to do?”.

Shyam was confused by listening to Ram’s reply. He kept thinking, Why Shyam is selling fruits and vegetable cheaper, when everybody else is making big money? Shyam kept scratching his head, by the time Ram has collected all the items from the wholesale market. Ram was returning to his work, on which Shyam stopped him again asked him, “Why you are not making money in this precious time?” Ram said you can visit to me tomorrow, and you will get the answer. As the time passing by, Shyam got agitated and kept thinking whole night- Why Ram is not making money? He could not sleep whole night, next day, when Ram visited the market again, Shyam asked him- Please tell me, why you are not making money? Ram again said, Please visit my place during the day, and I will tell you the logic behind this.

It was 10 AM and Shyam was not able to concentrate on his work, he kept thinking about all the permutations and combinations. It was around 11 AM, Shyam left his shop to find the answer to his question.

He reached Ram’s Shop and asked him – Ram, now tell me why you are not making money?

Ram was mum and was not replying Shyam’s question and after attending all the customer’s, Ram replied how did you feel last two days? Shyam replied, Hey man, I almost got mad while trying to guessing the answer to this question, I could not sleep yesterday night, I was not able to concentrate on my work all through my day today. On hearing this Ram said – “Think about a daily wager worker, who left his home everyday in search of work and on concluding the day, he has to feed his family, If I start selling my fruits and vegetable more expensive at this crucial time of Lockdown, when opulent’s are already stocking the fruits and vegetable, then think about the poor, who will have no work for next 21 days of lockdown in India, What will happen to them? How he feel all these days, he will not be able to face his family everyday as he has no work so no food.

On hearing Ram’s reply Shyam left without saying anything. Why, He’s got his answer, that we must take care of the weakest in the chain, so that humanity must win over corona.

Coronavirus is not respecting any boundaries, religion or colour, So consider this time to do the good. Make your contribution, so big that poor say, that these 21 days were the best time of his life, as there were no Black marketers, no differences among rich or poor while living in the society, they were treated equally by the society.

Corona will go in few days !! Don’t let poor die of hunger !!

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