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I cannot stop laughing, whenever this old memory of time spent at Frankfurt Airport, Germany crosses my mind. I and my colleague were travelling back to India. The moment we went inside the Frankfurt Airport, my colleague caught into little unwanted trouble.

So. to start from the beginning and to clarify what we were doing in Germany (Background is very important).

We were team of many Indians from our company in India, on 8 days trip to Germany for proposal co-ordination meetings. It was snowing all around the Germany, When we landed, it was midnight and “Love was in the Air”. I was very excited as it was my first professional trip abroad, but at the same time, I wanted to cut-short the trip just to spend more time with my family back in India.

Anyways, this is not about me, So I will talk about my colleague Ashok. He was young, energetic and obviously he was excited. As I wanted to cut-short the trip, therefore, I requested my Boss in India and he agreed to cut-short the trip by one day. We completed our objective meetings in Erlangen and Mannheim. We spent good time while buying searching good wine for our family and friends in India, I specifically bought lot of cosmetic products for my family. On day 7, we were to return to airport and my friend was cursing me that – “Bhargav, Saley tune poore trip ki waat lagwa di, aaram se 8 din ka trip mili thi, woh bhi short karwa diya. Kya pata mujhe koi mil hi jaati” and I was like, hey man, aapni nazarein khuli rakho har taraf option hain, don’t worry you will get girl of your dream soon.

Bhargav, Saley tune pure trip ki waat lagwa di, aaram se 8 din ka trip mila tha aish karne ko, woh bhi short karwa diya. Kya pata mujhe koi mil hi jaati

The moment we entered airport, he was very happy and blushing. Since, I was experienced, So I judged the reason behind his smile without wasting much time. I asked him, “Kaun hai, Kahan nazar hai teri”. He smartly answered, where he was looking . She was damn beautiful and blonde Indian girl. Now, you must have judged what was reason behind writing this post.

To continue, She was also heading for India and she has the same flight as of ours. The moment we were waiting for security clearance, she started looking tense, as she wanted to take a German plant out of Germany. Here was the chance for my friend to try his luck, So, he asked her – “Is everything okay? You look worried?”

She said, the security officer is not allowing her to take the German Plant with her. On hearing this my friend went to negotiation with the German Security office, and we were proposal manager, suppose to have these skills under our belt, therefore, he easily convinced the security as well as the immigration office. Finally, German Security officer allowed her to carry the plant (which was highly impossible).

So, During all this discussion, my friend came to know that she was working for Software Company and going back to India after spending two years in Germany.

My friend also dig out the details of the girl. She was from Delhi. So, After returning he searched the whole internet to get more details about the girl. So, he was finding ways to meet her and finally, he succeeded in contacting her. Other fine day, my friend called me, What should I do ? I asked him – “For what?”. He said- The girl is on Facebook and selling Home made Greetings Card and this is his only chance to crack a discussion. I said as a good friend, “Go ahead man, why worry? What do you have to loose any ways?” I was happy that my friend was not cursing me for cutting short a Germany trip as he has got a prospective “life-partner” due to my hurry to return back to India. He called me many times, we had many discussion and finally, he contacted her.

He was very happy during all these weeks, as he was talking to her and telling me almost after every discussion, how she is responding to his calls. I was damn sure that he will be successful soon. I was assured that, I will get a marriage invitation card from him soon and I will be special guest.

He did not call me for many days and then, finally I called him and asked – “hey man, what happened?”. He replied with after taking a long breath – ” Bhargove, yaar cut gaya”. I got confused, I asked him, “What happened?”. He explained further with his heavy heart, that girl was only interested in selling the hand made greetings card to him and this is what she exactly did. I was heart listening to his failure in love (which was one sided only, so no mistake of the girl.). So, I have this duty, to bring him come over this phase being an experienced in such situation too like most of Indian boys. I fulfilled the responsibility to my best capacities, he came out of rejection period. The only reward, I received from him, was that, he started again cursing me -” Bhargav, Saale tere kya jata tha, agar do din aur rah jaatey Germany mein?”, So I cannot stop laughing, whenever I recall this incident.

Hope, You have enjoyed this short story, if you liked the story, Please comment and share further for mutual laugh in this time when negativity of corona virus has engrossed us.

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